Dear Parents and Teachers
October 2015

“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Oct. 2015, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Dear Parents and Teachers

Many children recognize the names and faces of members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Are your kids also familiar with the sisters who help lead the Church? This month’s magazine includes cards on pages 11–12 that you can use to get to know these faithful women in a more personal way. Then listen for some of them to speak at general conference this month!

With love,

The Friend

Primary Connection

Look for the colored diamonds on the table of contents to find stories and activities support Primary this month!

Find more teaching resources at lessonhelps.lds.org.

Family Home Evening Ideas

Friendship: Read “The Worth of Soles” (page 28) or “Happy to Help” (page 4). Then check out other content listed under the topics of friendship and kindness in this month’s magazine, like the quiz on page 25. You can also find a movie about kindness at friend.lds.org.

Sunday is a Special Day: What makes the Sabbath day special for you? Read about Miranda’s choice in “A Winning Decision” (page 8), and make your own mobile from page 10.

Scripture Study: Talk about your favorite scriptures and complete the challenge on page 22. You could also watch a sing-along video of “Seek the Lord Early” on children.lds.org.

Make A Turn-Away Plan: Come up with a family plan for getting away from bad media. Read “Standing Strong” (page 44) for ideas and talking points. Help your family be cyber strong! (See page 47.)