How Are You Feeling?
October 2015

“How Are You Feeling?” Friend, Oct. 2015, 30

How Are You Feeling?

How Are You Feeling?

We feel a lot of different emotions every day—happy, playful, proud, embarrassed, angry, scared, loving. They’re a normal part of life, but some emotions can be hard to deal with. Here are some tips that can help.

Be a detective. What are your emotions telling you? Guilt can be telling you to repent or apologize. Fear can be telling you to get out of a dangerous situation. Sadness can be telling you to take time to grieve a loss. Hopefulness can be telling you to not give up.

Talk about it. Talk with a parent or good friend about what you’re feeling. This can help your emotions feel less overwhelming.

Take a break. If something is frustrating or upsetting you, take a break. Do something to take your mind off the problem—go outside, play a game, or read. Then come back to the problem.

Take a breath. If you’re angry or stressed, take a deep breath. Count to 10. Think of something that makes you happy. Calm yourself down so you don’t say or do something you’ll regret.

Listen to others. Make sure you’re listening to people around you. Don’t let your emotions make so much noise they drown everyone else out.

Draw a picture. If you’re having a hard time saying how you feel, draw a picture of it instead.

Think of a solution. If your emotions are making it hard to focus or get along with others, it’s important to think of ways to make things better. A parent or friend can help you come up with ideas.

Pray. Talk to Heavenly Father about how you’re feeling—the good things and the bad things. He wants you to tell Him how you feel!