The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy
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“The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Dec. 2014, 41

The New Adventures of Matt & Mandy

Friend Magazine, 2014/12 Dec

‘Tis the morning of Christmas.

The house is quite still.

Because all the Coopers—

Except Matt—are ill.

Perhaps it was all

That plum pudding they ate,

But they just want to sleep—

The presents can wait.

Dad said I could open a few presents, but it’s no fun without the others. What I really want is to watch Mandy open the gift I made for her.

Heavenly Father, please help my family feel better soon.

And please help me know what I can do for them.

Later that day, everyone’s feeling a bit better—

Thank you for fixing this toast and juice, Matt. It’s just what we needed.

I love these bookends! Aren’t these rocks from your collection?

Yeah, well, my favorite rocks for my favorite sister.

Your only sister.

The real joy of Christmas,

Matt Cooper has found,

Is having your loved ones

All gathered around.

The best gifts aren’t things,

But the people we love.

They don’t come from a store—

They’re gifts from above.

And now, dearest readers,

Our story must end.

Merry Christmas to all

From the Coopers and Friend.