I’m Minna from Sweden
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“I’m Minna from Sweden,” Friend, Dec. 2014, xx

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I’m Minna from Sweden


Friend Magazine, 2014/12 Dec

How would you like to live in a schoolhouse? Minna and her family live in the countryside of southern Sweden. Their home used to be a schoolhouse many years ago. She says the best part is that the house has a room big enough for lots of people. In December, Minna’s family invites neighbors, friends, and family over for a special “sing-in.” About 80 people come to sing Christmas carols together! Then they enjoy treats before everyone goes back out into the cold Scandinavian winter weather.

This is a big zucchini squash that I picked in our garden.

At my school I try to share the gospel with my friends. I often bring some of my friends from school to my Primary activity days. That means I am being a missionary right now, just like my sisters.

I love to jump on the trampoline. I also enjoy playing the piano and the flute.

I am 10 years old and the youngest of nine children in my family. Two of my sisters are serving missions—one in France and the other at Temple Square in Utah.

One of my favorite things to do with my family is drive north to Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. I love visiting my grandparents and other relatives who live there.

My family loves swimming together. In the summer we go to a lake near our house. In the winter we go to a place that has many pools and waterslides inside.

I Love to See the Temple

The Stockholm Sweden Temple is near my grandparents’ home. This temple has a special place in my heart. One time my dad and I walked around the grounds. We talked about the temple and how I would get to go inside one day.

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