The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy

    “The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Nov. 2013, 26

    The New Adventures of Matt & Mandy

    Matt and Mandy

    Illustrations by Maryn Roos

    Have you seen that new girl?

    Yeah, but I haven’t talked to her yet.

    Don’t you think she’s kind of weird looking? I think we should call her … hmm … what would be a good nickname … ?

    How do I handle this?

    Uh, didn’t they tell us nicknames are a kind of bullying?

    Huh? Oh, yeah.

    Once I was teasing my brother about his ears. Then my mom told me we don’t get to choose the body we’re born with, so we shouldn’t make fun of somebody else’s.

    Yeah, you wouldn’t make fun of a chicken because it doesn’t have lips or teeth.

    Don’t take it personally, Stretch. I think you have a great smile.