The Bully Busters

    “The Bully Busters,” Friend, Nov. 2013, 6–7

    The Bully Busters

    Be ye kind one to another (Ephesians 4:32).

    Ryan kept getting bullied. Then Chloe and Amelia found a way to sweeten his life.

    The Bully Busters

    Illustrations by Mark Jarman

    Amelia walked through the front door after school, a worried look on her face. She found her mom in the kitchen making an after-school snack.

    “Mom, Chloe and I are really upset.” Chloe was Amelia’s good friend and lived just next door.

    “What’s wrong?” Mom asked.

    “It’s Ryan,” Amelia sighed. “The kids on the bus are bullying him again.”

    Mom put her arm around Amelia.

    “Mom, we are so tired of seeing how sad Ryan looks when kids say mean things to him.”

    Amelia remembered that when she was baptized, one of the things she had promised Heavenly Father was that she would bear others’ burdens. She and Chloe had always been kind to Ryan. They talked to him on the bus and even invited him to a group activity. But today Amelia knew she wanted to do something more—something special to make Ryan’s burden lighter.

    “Mom, we want to do something to make Ryan feel better.”

    “What do you have in mind?”

    “Well, Chloe and I thought we’d make his favorite treat and leave it on his doorstep.”

    “That’s a good idea, Amelia. Why don’t I call Ryan’s mom and ask her what his favorite treat is.”

    “OK, Mom, but don’t let Ryan know. We want to surprise him.”

    Mom nodded and picked up the phone to call Ryan’s mom. Mom explained the girls’ idea and found out that Ryan loved lollipops. She also found out when Ryan would be home that afternoon so the girls could drop off the treat.

    Amelia called Chloe and invited her over to make lollipops for Ryan. The girls laughed excitedly as they made the lollipops, imagining Ryan’s face when he opened the door. Then they got out a piece of paper and wrote a note telling Ryan all the things they liked about him. They signed it, “The Bully Busters.”

    The girls ran up the street to Ryan’s house with their bunches of lollipops. They carefully placed the treat and note on the porch and rang the doorbell. Then they raced behind some bushes to watch. Ryan opened the door and looked around in surprise to see who had left the treat.

    Amelia and Chloe waited until Ryan closed the door. Then they burst into giggles. They skipped home, happy to have done something to cheer Ryan up.

    Later that evening Ryan’s mom called Amelia’s mom. She said that Ryan had been praying for others to be kind to him. When he saw the treat and note from the Bully Busters, he told his mom, “I knew God would answer my prayers!”

    The next day on the bus, Ryan had a big smile on his face. Almost as big as the smiles on the faces of the Bully Busters.