Question Corner

    “Question Corner,” Friend, Nov. 2013, 47

    Question Corner

    No matter how hard I try to always be good, I still make a lot of mistakes. How can I stop feeling so discouraged when I mess up?

    Question Corner

    Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. Why? Because Heavenly Father wants our earth life to be a challenge, and He knew we would make mistakes. So be proud of how hard you tried.

    Bowen B., age 11, Kansas, USA

    I would ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness. Then I would try to help someone else out that does not feel good either.

    Jocelyn W., age 10, Utah, USA

    Keep trying. Jesus wants us to be happy, and He is always there to help us.

    Bruce D., age 8, New York, USA

    First, you should pray and ask Heavenly Father to help you feel less disappointed. Second, you should focus on what you’re good at and work hard to do your best at everything you do. Work hard and you’ll find yourself doing amazing things.

    Claire L., age 12, California, USA

    Never give up! Think of Jesus and try to be like Him. Everyone makes mistakes—just try to do your best. He is the perfect example for everyone.

    Eve D., age 10, Texas, USA

    Know that you are a child of God, and Heavenly Father loves you. Also, trust in the power of repentance.

    Madelynn M., age 9, California, USA

    First, calm down. You can’t do anything if you’re not calm. Next, pray. Heavenly Father will help you feel better and help keep you from making more mistakes. After that, just try to keep the Spirit in your life. When the Spirit is with you, you’ll only want to do good.

    Cade W., age 10, Arizona, USA

    Pray so Heavenly Father can help you. Saying you’re sorry makes us feel better.

    Lilly O., age 6, Utah, USA