Painting a Testimony
March 2013

“Painting a Testimony,” Friend, Mar. 2013, 26

Painting a Testimony

Did you know there are many ways you can share your testimony?

Matt Kesler, a Primary teacher and professional artist, shared his testimony by painting a portrait of the Savior for the Liberty First Ward Primary in Liberty, Missouri. He wanted the children to better understand the Savior’s love for them. “It was a very special experience,” Brother Kesler says. See how the painting went from idea to reality!

For ideas, Brother Kesler prayed, looked at other paintings and sculptures of the Savior, and drew many sketches.

Once he had an idea, he asked a neighbor to pose for the painting.

He drew the final sketch on the canvas with permanent marker, then did the painting with oil paints.

Every fast Sunday throughout the year, he showed the Primary his progress. He taught them that completing a painting is like developing a testimony—both take consistency, time, and effort.

Here is Brother Kesler and the Primary with the finished work—a beautiful painting and testimony that the Savior lives.

Photographs courtesy of Matt Kesler