Question Corner
March 2013

“Question Corner,” Friend, Mar. 2013, 46

Question Corner

Sometimes no one sits by me at church, and I feel lonely and like I don’t fit in. What can I do?

You should go to them and say, “Do you have an empty chair?” Then you can sit by him or her, and you can say, “Hi!” and make friends.

Brayden A., age 9, Colorado, USA

I think you should try to get interested in someone else instead of waiting for them to get interested in you. One time I was in a play and I didn’t see anyone I knew. Before my mom left me there, she pointed at an older girl and suggested I go sit by her. I was very shy at first, but later we spent every rehearsal together when we could. Anyone can be a friend.

Adelle V., age 11, California, USA

Step 1: Go sit somewhere else.

Step 2: Say, “Hi!” to someone.

Step 3: Ask if you can sit there.

Step 4: If that doesn’t work, PRAY! You should always pray when you are in a sticky situation. In four easy steps you could have an instant best friend. Good luck!

Kate W., age 10, Idaho, USA

You should act first and go sit by your other classmates. They might be having the same feeling that you’re having. You can also pray and ask Heavenly Father to help you decide what to do. And telling your parents about your problem can be a great help. Good luck!

Helen L., age 12, Utah, USA

In sacrament meeting, if you ever feel this way, I have made good friends with the elderly people in my ward. They always make me smile. Also, you could sit with a family with kids around your age. Just don’t be shy!

Samantha J., age 12, California, USA

First, I would pray. Second, I would look for someone else lonely. Third, I would go sit by them. This will make you happy, and the person you’re sitting by will be happy too. This is also a good way to make a new friend.

Tanner E., age 10, Utah, USA

You could make friends by saying nice comments and smiling.

Jane H., age 7, Auckland, New Zealand