Easter Activities
March 2013

“Easter Activities,” Friend, Mar. 2013, 23

Easter Activities

Loving Scripture Sheep

Jesus is sometimes called “the Good Shepherd” because He loves and cares for us like a shepherd loves and cares for his sheep (see John 10:14). You can make this sheep to remind you of Christ’s love.

You will need:

  • 1 sheet of newspaper

  • Tape

  • Cotton balls

  • 4 straws

  • Glue

  • White paper

  • Black marker

  1. Crumple the newspaper into a ball and wrap the ball with tape.

  2. Poke four holes in the ball and put the straws in the holes for legs. Cut the straws the same length so your sheep will stand.

  3. Glue the cotton balls to the surface of the ball until it is covered.

  4. Cut an oval shape and two small almond shapes out of paper and color them black for a head and ears.

  5. Cut two small circles out of the white paper and use the marker to put a black dot in each circle for eyes. Glue or tape the eyes to the head.

  6. Glue or tape the head and ears to the front of the body.

  7. On the remaining paper, write a scripture that reminds you of Jesus. Here are some ideas: “The Lord is my shepherd” (Psalm 23:1); “Fear not, little flock” (D&C 6:34); or “Feed my sheep” (John 21:17). Put the scripture and sheep in a place where you will see them often.

Honeycomb Candy

The scriptures say that Jesus ate honeycomb after He was resurrected (see Luke 24:42). This honey-flavored candy can be a sweet reminder of the joy of Easter. Remember to get an adult’s help when cooking.

3/4 cup sugar

2 tablespoons honey

2 tablespoons water

1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda

  1. Grease a cookie sheet.

  2. Combine sugar, honey, and water in saucepan. Simmer over high heat without stirring until the syrup looks like caramel and reaches 300°F (150°C).

  3. Remove pan from heat and mix baking soda into the syrup. The syrup will foam up. Stir just long enough to mix the ingredients.

  4. Pour mixture onto baking sheet. Do not spread.

  5. Allow the candy to cool, then break into pieces and enjoy!

Illustration by Dani Jones