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“Question Corner,” Friend, Oct. 2012, 16

Question Corner

I’m not sure I have felt the Spirit like people talk about in church. How can I know when I am feeling the Holy Ghost?

I wasn’t sure if I had ever felt the Spirit. Then I went to the Atlanta Georgia Temple open house. When I was in the celestial room and sealing room, I had a really peaceful and happy feeling, and I knew it was the Holy Ghost.

Joseph T., age 8, Georgia

I feel the Spirit when I read my scriptures. I feel like Christ is with me. Listen closely to the testimonies in fast and testimony meeting. I always feel the Spirit when people share their belief in Christ.

Ashley W., age 10, Pennsylvania

We had just moved to a new state, and I was nervous. As I was walking into my new school, I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to let the Holy Ghost be with me. I felt a warm feeling in my chest. If you don’t know if you are feeling the Holy Ghost, see if you feel a warm feeling inside. Everybody feels it differently. It’s easiest to feel it if you say a prayer or do something good.

Joshua S., age 8, North Dakota

The Holy Ghost gives me a special feeling when I need to bear my testimony. I sometimes feel it when people are giving talks in sacrament meeting. The Spirit fills me with love and peace, and I feel safe.

Abigail J., age 11, Idaho

I learned that when I feel joy and a desire to do good, the Holy Ghost is with me.

Debora W., age 11, Nevada

There are lots of ways to feel the Spirit. I have felt it in three ways. One way is a fuzzy feeling in my heart. A second way is feeling bad about something that is wrong. A third way is when I cry with joy. I am so grateful I have been baptized so I can feel the Spirit better. The Holy Ghost has definitely blessed my life in many, many ways.

Ella C., age 10, California

I remember asking the same question. The Holy Ghost doesn’t always come as a burning feeling in your heart. It sometimes comes as a quiet, comforting feeling.

Morgan M., age 13, Utah