Dressing like a Deacon
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“Dressing like a Deacon,” Friend, Oct. 2012, 32–33

Dressing like a Deacon

  1. Sunday was Eli’s birthday. He was four years old.

    In four more years, you will be baptized.

    And four years after that, you will be a deacon and you will be able to pass the sacrament.

  2. Later, Mom helped Eli change from his pajamas into his church clothes.

  3. Do deacons wear superhero pants to church?

    No. Deacons wear nice pants.

  4. Do deacons wear superhero shirts to church?

    No. Deacons wear white shirts and ties.

  5. I want to wear a white shirt and nice pants. I want to dress like a deacon.

    Mom helped Eli put on his nice pants, a white shirt, and a tie.

  6. At church, Eli folded his arms as he watched the deacons pass the sacrament.

  7. When a deacon brought Eli the sacrament, Eli took a piece of bread and then handed the tray to Mom.

  8. Mom smiled at Eli. He was happy to help. He couldn’t wait until he could be a deacon.

Illustrations by Simini Blocker