Jesus Administers the Sacrament
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“Jesus Administers the Sacrament,” Friend, Oct. 2012, 14–15

Stories of Jesus

Jesus Administers the Sacrament

The Nephite people gathered around the resurrected Savior and listened to His teachings. It was a wonderful blessing to have Jesus Christ visit them in the Americas after He had been crucified and then resurrected in Jerusalem. Jesus taught the Nephites about His gospel, as He had taught the Jews in the land of Palestine.

Jesus taught the Nephites about forgiveness and loving each other. He taught them about baptism. He blessed children and healed the sick. He chose twelve disciples to lead His Church. Jesus also let every person touch His hands and feet. They felt the wounds made by the soldiers when He was crucified so they would know He was truly the One who had died for them on the cross in Jerusalem.

After Jesus taught the Nephites many things, He sent His disciples to get bread and wine so He could teach the people about the sacrament. When the disciples returned, Jesus broke the bread into pieces and blessed it. The bread was first given to Jesus’s disciples and then to all the people.

Jesus explained that they should administer the sacrament like He did. The bread must be broken and blessed by someone who holds the priesthood, and then it is offered to members of His Church.

Jesus said that eating the bread of the sacrament was making a promise to Heavenly Father to always remember the body of Jesus and His sacrifice. He had suffered and died so everyone could repent and become clean again.

After the bread was offered to all of the Nephites, Jesus blessed the wine. He taught the people that they should drink the sacrament wine in remembrance of the blood He shed on the cross. They should be willing to keep His commandments and remember Him. When they did that, they would have His Spirit to be with them.

Jesus taught the Nephites that they should meet together often to pray and take the sacrament, and that they should pray together in their families. Jesus ordained His twelve disciples with priesthood authority so they could bless the sacrament for the people after He returned to heaven.

That Ye Do Always Remember Me © Gary Kapp; illustrations by Brad Teare