That’s My Little Brother

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“That’s My Little Brother,” Friend, July 2012, 36–37

That’s My Little Brother

Father in Heaven, on this lovely day please help me be happy and kind as I play (Children’s Songbook, 22).

“Ouch!” Nate cried. “That hurt.”

Meg looked over at her little brother. Mom had brought them to their favorite playground for the afternoon. Nate was digging in the sand near the swings. Now two girls playing near him were throwing toys at him.

“That’s not very nice,” he said. “Please stop.”

The two girls just laughed and kept throwing toys and sand.

Meg was upset. Nate hadn’t done anything to the girls. He had been playing by himself. They should be nicer to him.

Meg looked for Mom. She was talking with other adults on the other side of the playground. Meg worried that by the time she got Mom to come help, Nate would be really hurt.

Meg decided to take care of it herself. She walked over and stood between Nate and the girls. The girls looked surprised. They stopped throwing toys.

“That’s my little brother,” Meg told the girls. “You should be nice to him.” Then Meg had an idea. “What if we play together? Do you know how to play freeze tag?”

One of the girls smiled and said, “That’s my favorite game!”

As the girls ran off toward the field, Nate turned to Meg. “Thanks for helping me. You’re a great sister.”

Meg smiled and hugged him. She was glad she had been able to help her brother.

Illustrations by Julie F. Young

Hooray for superhero sisters!