Alma Baptizes

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“Alma Baptizes,” Friend, July 2012, 14–15

Stories of Jesus

Alma Baptizes

Wicked King Noah sat with his priests and listened to the prophet Abinadi teach about Jesus Christ. Bravely, Abinadi taught about faith, repentance, and the resurrection that would come because of Jesus.

The wicked priests were angry because Abinadi said they should repent, and King Noah ordered that Abinadi should be put to death. But one priest, named Alma, listened to Abinadi and knew the things he taught were true.

Alma told King Noah to let Abinadi go. Instead, the king threw Abinadi into prison, chased Alma out of the kingdom, and sent servants to find Alma and kill him.

For many days Alma hid in the woods and wrote down everything he had heard Abinadi teach. Alma repented of his sins and then secretly taught other people about the teachings of Jesus Christ. Many people believed Alma.

The servants of King Noah were still searching for Alma, so he had to stay hidden. Alma lived in a forest far from the city. The place was called Mormon.

The people who wanted to hear more about Jesus Christ gathered together near the waters of Mormon. Alma taught them what they needed to do to be baptized. They should be willing to be called the children of God and tell people they believed in Christ. He said they should be willing to join with the other children of God and help them whenever they needed help or comfort.

To be baptized, the people also needed to promise to keep the commandments. Alma said that if they made that covenant, the Lord would pour out His Spirit more abundantly on them.

The people clapped their hands for joy and were excited to be baptized.

Alma took a man named Helam into the waters of Mormon. Alma baptized Helam, and when he arose out of the water, they were filled with the Spirit. Then Alma took each one of the people into the waters of Mormon and baptized them. He baptized about 204 people that day.

After that day the people who were baptized called themselves the Church of Christ. Alma had authority from God and ordained priests to teach the people. More people joined them and were baptized.

Alma taught the people that there should be no contention among them. They should share, work together, worship together weekly, and have their hearts knit together in unity and love.

Illustrations by Jared Beckstrand