Kindness Catcher

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“Kindness Catcher,” Friend, July 2012, 22–23

Kindness Catcher

  1. Cut out the Kindness Catcher from the magazine.

  2. Place the printed side down and fold in half so that it forms a triangle.

  3. Unfold. Then fold in half the other way.

  4. Unfold. The two creases should form an X.

  5. Fold each corner of the square into the center of the X. This will form a smaller square.

  6. Turn over the Kindness Catcher and fold each corner to the center of the square, just like you did in step five. Your square should have four folded triangles on one side and four diamond flaps on the other side.

  7. Fold the Kindness Catcher in half so that the flaps are on the outside.

  8. Place your thumbs and forefingers under the flaps and push them to the center.

Kindness Begins with Me

Kindness Catcher

Illustrations by Thomas S. Child

  1. Throw away trash you see lying on the ground.

  2. Comfort a family member who is sad.

  3. Share with a friend.

  4. Be a friend to someone at school who seems lonely.

  5. Let a friend go first when playing a game.

  6. Write notes to your family telling them how much you love them.

  7. Finish your chores without being asked.

  8. Visit someone who is not feeling well.