Show and Tell

“Show and Tell,” Friend, May 2012, 30–31

Show and Tell


Spring has sprung;

Winter is done.

Shout and cheer.

Spring is here!

Birds above,

Bees in the trees,

Flowers taking showers—

I love, love spring!

Emma H., age 8, Utah

Kaila S., age 8, British Columbia, Canada

Jonathan S., age 10, Ohio

Anna G., age 10, Argentina

Rockwell H., age 11, South Carolina

Allison B., age 7, Arizona

Samuel, Grace, and Cora A., ages 11, 9, and 4, Utah, like to smile and have fun. Cora has disabilities, and Sam and Grace help their parents take care of her. Sam likes to invent things and mow the lawn. Grace enjoys using her imagination and helping out. They all like to go to church and learn about Jesus.

Naomi W., age 11, Maryland, has earned her Faith in God Award. Her talents include ballet, piano, violin, and writing poetry. Naomi is gentle and loving, and she enjoys caring for younger children.

Aaron H., age 11, Arkansas, has earned all 20 Webelos pins. He likes to play sports. Aaron has been reading the Book of Mormon and has a goal to finish it before he turns 12.

Lilian C., age 3, Oregon, is a Sunbeam who is excited to be in Primary. She likes singing time and taking her scriptures to church. Lilian is a good example to her parents and her little sister, Evelyn.

In my class at school there are two members of the Church—my best friend and me. We asked our teacher if we could show her a Book of Mormon. She said yes, and the next day we took a Book of Mormon to school and showed it to our teacher. I told her about Joseph Smith, and I even showed her a picture of him. Afterward I felt good because I knew I had been a good missionary.

Clara V., age 8, Denmark

One day I came home from school very sad because I had to write a story and I didn’t know what to write. My mom and I talked about how Heavenly Father could help me if I prayed and asked for help. My mom and I prayed together. The next day I was able to write a story, and it was easy. I was so happy. I told my mom that Heavenly Father had answered my prayer. The words just came to me when it was time to write!

Evan N., age 8, Washington

I read all of the Book of Mormon. It took me almost two years. My daddy gave me a coloring chart so I could know where I was in my reading. Each time I finished a chapter I colored a piece of the chart. When I finished the whole thing, I got my own set of scriptures with my name on it in gold letters.

Isaac G., age 7, Oregon