Little Brother, Big Example

“Little Brother, Big Example,” Friend, May 2012, 36–37

Little Brother, Big Example

I will try in all I do and say to live the gospel more each day (Children’s Songbook, 148).

Sammy wanted to help. But how?

Sammy looked sad as he watched the pictures on TV. Floodwaters were flowing through streets and towns on the other side of Australia. Sammy thought about the boys and girls whose homes would be filled with mud. He thought about how their toys would be ruined.

Sammy went to the cupboard. He took out a shopping bag and filled it with toys he didn’t play with anymore. Sammy took the bag to Mum.

“These are for the boys and girls in the floods,” he said.

“That is very kind, Sammy,” Mum said. “The people in the floods will also need many other things.”

Sammy and his older brother Benjamin had been saving their money for a new toy. Sammy kept his money in a jar. Sammy grabbed the jar and took out all his money.

“I want to give this to the people in the floods too,” he said.

As he put the money in an envelope, Benjamin walked into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Benjamin asked.

“I’m sharing money with the people in the floods,” Sammy said.

“That’s a good idea,” Benjamin said. “I’ll share my money too.”

Mum drove Sammy and Benjamin to a mall where they could donate their money to the people in the flood.

“You are a good example, Sammy,” Benjamin said as they walked together holding their envelopes.

Sammy smiled. He felt good all over. He was the little brother, but he had been a big example.

Illustration by Bryan Beach

Did you know the Church has given humanitarian aid to more than 175 countries?