Healthy and Happy

“Healthy and Happy,” Friend, May 2012, 13

Healthy & Happy

Heavenly Father wants you to take care of the wonderful body He has blessed you with. Answer these questions to help you know if you keep your body clean.

  1. Do you wash your hands before you eat, after you use the bathroom, and after you sneeze or blow your nose?

  2. Do you take a shower or bath regularly?

  3. Do you brush your teeth twice a day?

The Cleanest Answers

  1. Washing your hands is an important thing you can do to keep from getting sick. All day long you touch things, and germs stick to your hands. When you wash your hands, the germs go down the drain instead of into your body where they could make you sick. When you wash your hands after you sneeze or blow your nose, you are washing away the germs that could make other people sick.

  2. Just as when you wash your hands, germs and dirt go down the drain when you bathe regularly. When you wash your body you are helping your skin keep out germs and other dirty things that could make you sick.

  3. When teeth get dirty, they start to decay. When that happens, they hurt! Brushing your teeth twice a day helps them stay healthy and strong.