He Sent His Son: The Story of Easter
April 2012

“He Sent His Son: The Story of Easter,” Friend, Apr. 2012, 11–12

He Sent His Son

The Story of Easter

The Story of Easter

Illustrations by Scott Jarrard

Jesus walked to Bethany to stay with His friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Mary showed her love for Jesus by putting oil on His tired feet.

Scripture: John 12:1–3

Song: “Jesus Said Love Everyone” (Children’s Songbook, 61)

Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey. The people praised Him and laid palm leaves on the ground.

Scripture: Mark 11:1–11

Song: “Hosanna” (Children’s Songbook, 66–67)

Jesus visited the temple. He made people leave who were buying and selling things there. Then He healed people who were lame and blind. The jealous priests were angry with Him.

Scripture: Mark 11:15–18

Song: “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” (Children’s Songbook, 57)

Jesus taught people in the temple and on the Mount of Olives. A group of leaders plotted to kill Him. They paid one of His disciples 30 silver coins to turn Him over to them.

Scripture: Matthew 25:31–46; 26:14–16

Song: “He Sent His Son” (Children’s Songbook, 34–35)

Jesus was almost finished with His mission on earth. He loved us so much that He was willing to give His life for us. We show we love Him by always remembering Him and trying to do what He taught us.

Scripture: John 3:16; Moroni 7:48

Song: “Help Us, O God, to Understand” (Children’s Songbook, 73)

Jesus ate the Passover meal with His disciples. He gave them the sacrament to help them remember Him. Then He went to Gethsemane to pray to Heavenly Father and to suffer for our sins. People with swords came and arrested Him. His disciples ran away in fear.

Scripture: Matthew 26:17–29, 36–56

Song: “The Sacrament” (Children’s Songbook, 72)

Caiaphas, the high priest, and Pilate, the governor, condemned Jesus to die. After Jesus suffered and died on the cross, He was laid in a tomb, and a large stone was put in front of the entrance.

Scripture: Matthew 26:57, 59–60; 27:1–2, 11, 22, 27–35, 57–60

Song: “He Died That We Might Live Again” (Children’s Songbook, 65)

The earth shook, and two angels came down and rolled away the stone. Mary, Mary Magdalene, and other women went to visit the tomb. The angels told them Jesus had been resurrected. As the women ran to tell Jesus’s disciples the wonderful news, they saw Jesus. The women knelt at His feet and worshipped Him. Death is not final. Jesus really does live again, and so will we!

Scripture: Matthew 28:1–10, 16–20

Song: “Did Jesus Really Live Again?” (Children’s Songbook, 64)