Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Apr. 2012, 38

    Our Creative Friends

    He Loves Me

    Sometimes I feel angry,

    Sometimes I feel mean,

    But He loves me.

    Even if we choose to be bad,

    He will love us all.

    His love will never ever end,

    For He loves everyone.

    Shay C., age 9, Oregon

    Heavenly Father’s Plan

    Heavenly Father had a plan

    To have a test for all of man.

    He needed someone to die for mortals,

    So we could enter the heavenly portal.

    Jesus stepped up, who wanted us to be free,

    But Lucifer didn’t want that, for he was as slick as can be.

    God chose Jesus, for His choice was right,

    But Lucifer would not see the light.

    Lucifer took one-third of the people above,

    For he would not see God’s love.

    And now there is a good plan for the whole earth.

    Now the people can have a rebirth.

    Grant H., age 11, Minnesota

    Grace D., age 8, Mexico

    Gabriel U., age 6, Utah

    Lizzy K., age 11, Colorado

    Tayauna N., age 11, Nevada

    Teagan M., age 10, Alberta, Canada

    Dallin T., age 7, Indiana

    Jackson F., age 7, Utah

    Jacob M., age 12, Arizona