Friends in the News

“Friends in the News,” Friend, Apr. 2012, 43

Friends in the News

Rachel D., 5, Utah, likes to draw, swim, dance, play with her friends, and go to school. She enjoys spending time with her family and helping take care of her younger brother and sister. Her favorite day is Monday because she gets to help with family home evening.

Emmeline and Eliza V., 5 and 8, Idaho, are named after former general presidents of the Relief Society. They enjoy family home evening, family scripture study, reading, art, math, jumping rope, taking care of their cats, and playing with their younger brother, Hyrum.

Jordan A., 7, Utah, is looking forward to his baptism. Jordan tries to be like Jesus by being kind at school and at home, being reverent during sacrament meeting, and helping with family home evening lessons. Jordan enjoys playing basketball and baseball and reading.

Riker C., 6, Washington, likes to play basketball and baseball. He also enjoys playing with his cousins.

Tatiana E., 8, Thailand, enjoys family home evening and playing with her brothers and sisters. She likes soccer, skateboarding, gymnastics, and school. She can recite the Articles of Faith.

Colby M., 6, California, likes reading the Friend. He enjoys drawing and expressing himself through art. His favorite part of church is sacrament meeting, where he quietly draws things he is grateful for.

Maizey J., 7, Arizona, enjoys riding her bike, playing with friends, and playing soccer. She likes to help get eggs from the chicken coop. She loves her Primary teachers, spending time with her older sister, and reading the Friend.