Our Creative Friends
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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Feb. 2012, 38–39

Our Creative Friends

I Didn’t Know

I didn’t know I loved the feeling of the ice-cold breeze

blowing in my face.

I didn’t know I loved the smell of the crisp,

clean air after a snowstorm.

I didn’t know I loved the feeling of the cold snow melting

from the warmth of my hands.

I didn’t know I loved seeing the white, powdery snow

being shuffled by the people who walk in it.

I didn’t know I loved feeling calm, but freezing,

as I walk through powdery snow.

I didn’t know I had so much love

for the amazing world God gave us.

Jacob R., age 11, Utah

Sacrament Thoughts

I fold my arms

And bow my head;

Then the sacrament prayer is said.

I open my eyes

And then look up,

And after the bread I drink water

From a little plastic cup.

I try to think

Of how Jesus died,

Sacrificed His life

For all mankind.

I picture His hands

Pierced, bleeding, and sore.

A crown of thorns

On His head He wore.

And now I think

As I take the sacrament’s drink

How Jesus, our Savior,

Died for us,

That we might live again.

Sariah J., age 11, Utah

Animal Haiku

Animals God made

A bird, a deer, and a dog

I love animals

Peter B., age 8, North Carolina

To Be a Missionary

I go out,

telling all what I believe in.

I go out,

telling all to go away from sin.

I go out,

telling of baby Jesus and Mary.

I go out,

to be a missionary.

Grace S., age 9, Ontario, Canada

Darius T., age 10, West Virginia

Joshua L., age 6, Utah

Owen L., age 11, British Columbia, Canada

Noah S., age 6, Pennsylvania

Dalton H., age 10, California

Olivia R., age 10, Colorado

Thomas M., age 11, Massachusetts

Alyssa S., age 12, Texas

Claire H., age 11, Utah

Hailey L., age 9, Oregon

Anne Michelle R., age 9, Malaysia

Nadejda L., age 6, Idaho

Hannah S., age 7, North Carolina

Sarah S., age 9, Alaska