King Benjamin Teaches the Nephites
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“King Benjamin Teaches the Nephites,” Friend, Feb. 2012, 35

King Benjamin Teaches the Nephites

rebus story

Illustrations by Rachel Hoffman-Bayles

King Benjamin was a good leader. He wanted the Nephites to be happy. King Benjamin wanted to talk to the Nephites. They came from all over the land to hear him speak. The king stood on a tower so the Nephites could hear and see him. King Benjamin told the Nephites that he tried hard to serve them and that they should serve each other. He also taught them about Jesus Christ. He told the Nephites that they could be happy if they followed Jesus Christ and kept the commandments. After King Benjamin spoke, the Nephites fell to the ground. They were sorry they weren’t always obedient. They prayed and repented for not being obedient. Heavenly Father forgave the Nephites. They felt happy. King Benjamin told the Nephites to pray every day. He also told them that children should not fight or argue. King Benjamin said children should serve one another. The Nephites promised to keep the commandments. King Benjamin was happy.