Lehi and Nephi Learn about Jesus Christ
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“Lehi and Nephi Learn about Jesus Christ,” Friend, Feb. 2012, 14–15

Stories of Jesus

Lehi and Nephi Learn about Jesus Christ

From 1 Nephi 1, 2, 8, 10, 11.

The prophet Lehi lived 600 years before Jesus Christ was born. So how did he know about Jesus Christ? Both he and his son Nephi had visions where they saw and learned about Jesus Christ.

In the busy city of Jerusalem, Lehi and Sariah and their children had a good home and many nice things. But Lehi was worried and sad because the people in Jerusalem were so wicked.

One day Lehi prayed for his people. Suddenly he saw a pillar of fire on a rock in front of him. He heard and saw things that made him tremble.

Lehi went home and lay down. The Spirit of God came upon him and showed him a vision of heaven. Lehi saw Jesus Christ coming from heaven, brighter than the noonday sun. Following Jesus were 12 others, brighter than the stars. In the vision Jesus gave Lehi a book to read.

When Lehi read the book, he was filled with sadness. He learned that the city of Jerusalem would be destroyed and the people would be taken to Babylon as captives because of their wickedness. But as Lehi read more, he was filled with joy. He learned that if people would repent, they would not be destroyed.

After his vision, Lehi went out into Jerusalem and warned the people that if they did not repent they would be destroyed. But the people made fun of him and became angry. They did not want to listen or repent.

The Lord warned Lehi that he should leave Jerusalem and take his family into the wilderness. Lehi’s family left their riches behind and did as the Lord commanded.

While they were in the wilderness, Lehi had another vision. It was about the iron rod and the tree of life. Lehi told his family about this vision. He taught them that God would send a Savior to the earth. He said the Savior would be baptized and would die and be resurrected.

Nephi pondered about what his father had seen in his vision. As he did, the Spirit of God showed Nephi a vision of the iron rod and the tree of life. Nephi also saw a vision of Jesus’s mother, Mary, and of Jesus teaching and healing people. He saw the Savior being crucified for the sins of the world.

Nephi’s father, Lehi, also saw a vision of the promised land. After several years, Lehi’s family was led by the Lord across the ocean to that new land.