Who Am I?
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“Who Am I?” Friend, Feb. 2012, 11

Who Am I?

1. From my home, Jerusalem, I fled

When I smote off Laban’s head.

My elder brothers then mocked me

When I took a boat to sea.

Who am I? ___________________

(Hint: See the first book in the Book of Mormon.)

2. My father gave me the gold plates;

I hid them in a place that was safe.

I was the last righteous man of my people;

You see me today on the temple steeple.

Who am I? ___________________

(Hint: See the last book in the Book of Mormon.)

3. I preached to Noah, the wicked king,

But he would not obey a thing.

The power of God made him quake,

But in the end I was burned at the stake.

Who am I? ___________________

(Hint: See Mosiah 17.)

4. I knew Ammon was a man of God

Who left his home to serve abroad.

My father’s vision in my youth

Taught me of the Lord God’s truth.

Who am I? ___________________

(Hint: See Alma 19.)

Find the answers on page 48.