Our Creative Friends
April 2011

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Apr. 2011, 38–39

Our Creative Friends

The Holy Ghost

Hands are placed

On my head

Loving, peacefully

You are special to me.

Great and




Those who follow Him.

Emma B., age 8, England

God’s Creations

God had a wonderful plan

A very long time ago.

He created a beautiful earth,

And woman and man.

He made the sun for light,

And the stars for night.

He made the moon for it,

To be a little extra bright.

He made the trees for air,

And the birds to soar the skies,

The ocean for life in the sea,

And the flowers for beauty.

He made the night for rest,

And the day for play.

He made the animals for life

Upon the mountains so tall.

Tyler A., age 10, Arizona

What He Created

He created the stars and the seas,

The deer, the lions, and the tiny bumblebees.

A petunia, a lily, an oak, and a pine,

Fruit on a tree, grape on a vine.

The air that we breathe,

The shelter we need,

The huge mountains to climb,

The precious rubies to find.

The green grassy meadows,

The frightening black widows,

The glassy lakes to wade.

He made us, and us, He made.

Riley G., age 10, Maryland

The Temple

The temple is a wonderful place for my family

And me,

To see the angel Moroni above the tallest tree.

When I am twelve it gives me joy to know

Inside I’ll go

To do baptisms for the dead;

Makes me warm from head to toe.

Katie P., age 9, Washington

Susan M., age 11, Ohio

Levi T., age 10, Washington

Tiara C., age 8, Oregon

Emmaline W., age 6, Missouri

Joseph O., age 9, Tennessee

Caleb P., age 6, Massachusetts

Smith F., age 8, Japan

Yu-en C., age 4, Taiwan

Christopher S., age 5, Alabama

Sammy J., age 7, Utah

Angela N., age 9, Colorado

Riley H., age 7, California

Jessalyn E., age 10, Utah

Jane H., age 7, Arizona