Niya’s Choice
April 2011

“Niya’s Choice,” Friend, Apr. 2011, 16

Niya’s Choice

We believe in being honest (Articles of Faith 1:13).

Niya was playing in front of her home when her aunt called her inside. “Niya, will you go to the greengrocer’s shop and buy some carrots for dinner?” her aunt asked.

“Yes!” Niya said happily. She liked going to the shop, and she liked helping her aunt.

Niya took the money her aunt gave her and walked down the road to the nearby shop.

“I need to buy some carrots for dinner,” Niya told the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper put the carrots in Niya’s bag and told her how much they cost. Niya handed him the money.

“Here’s your change,” the shopkeeper said as he handed her back some money.

Niya thanked him and started walking home. As she walked, she looked at the money the shopkeeper had given her. “He gave me too much change,” she thought. “Now I can have this money for myself!”

But then Niya stopped walking. “Heavenly Father won’t be happy with me if I keep this money,” she thought. “I must be honest in my words and actions.”

Niya turned around and went back to the shop. “You gave me too much money back,” she told the shopkeeper as she handed him the extra money.

The shopkeeper took the money. “You are a good girl,” he said. Then he put some apples in a bag and gave them to Niya. “Thank you for being honest. Please take these apples and enjoy them with your family.”

Niya felt warm and happy inside as she walked home. She knew Heavenly Father was pleased that she had chosen to be honest.

Illustrations by Louise Parker