Friends in the News
April 2011

“Friends in the News,” Friend, Apr. 2011, 47

Friends in the News

Levi H., 11, California, likes sports. He is kind to his friends and likes to be funny. He enjoys reading and math. Levi loves reading the scriptures and singing Primary songs.

Elia D., 9, Arkansas, enjoys art and setting the table for special occasions. She likes to sing, dance, and play the piano.

Caitlin and Charlie M., 6 and 5, Alberta, Canada, love their family. Caitlin is a big help caring for her two little brothers. She draws beautiful pictures. She enjoys family home evening and Primary because she loves her Heavenly Father. Charlie likes to help out. He enjoys running and playing outside. He loves Heavenly Father.

Victoria Island Ward

The Primary children of the Victoria Island Ward, Lagos Nigeria Stake, showcased their talents. They received award certificates for their participation.

Ben G., 10, Arizona, likes snowboarding, baseball, and soccer. He is a great example to his friends. He likes to read the scriptures.

Mountain Point Third Ward

The Primary children of the Mountain Point Third Ward, Draper Utah Mountain Point Stake, visited the grounds of the Draper Utah Temple and a nearby stake center. They learned how temples can help us become eternal families. The children had pictures taken as reminders of the temple and becoming a forever family. Several teachers wore their wedding dresses to the activity and talked about being married in the temple and sealed forever.