Conference Time

“Conference Time,” Friend, Sept. 2010, 22

Conference Time

Some families have traditions as they prepare for and listen to general conference. Do you have any conference traditions? We’d like to hear about them. Turn to page 48 for contact information.

We talk about King Benjamin’s speech to the Nephites. The whole kingdom gathered and turned their tents toward the prophet. So we created a tent in the living room facing the television. We love sitting in the tent and listening to the prophet.

–Griffith Family

We like to play gospel bingo. We print bingo cards with gospel topics and then we put a bean or a piece of candy on the squares when speakers mention the topics. It helps us pay attention and have fun.

–Johnston Family

We use coloring pages to color in the tie of the General Authority who is speaking. We enjoy coloring the ties the same color as those of the General Authorities.

–Rutz Family

We always have a puzzle set up in the living room, where we watch general conference. We like to piece together the puzzle while the General Authorities speak. It keeps us focused.

–Barnes Family

We like the general conference notebook that we can print from The activities are great, and we are able to discuss what we learn at conference in family home evening.

–Guymon Family

We make a breakfast casserole Saturday night and bake it in the morning. This is the only time in the year when we eat together with the television on, which makes it special.

–Romberger Family

Illustrations by Steve Kropp

Conference casserole—yum!