Friendship Challenge

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“Friendship Challenge,” Friend, Sept. 2010, 10

Friendship Challenge

color-by-number activity

Illustrations by Val Bagley

You can be a golden friend to others! Each time you do an item from the list below, notice the color of the heart. Then color all the numbered spaces that match that heart. See if you can finish the list by the end of the month.

  1. Notice when someone around you feels left out. Invite him or her to participate in your activity.

  2. Introduce yourself to two new children you don’t know in Primary or at school.

  3. Teach a younger friend or sibling something he or she wants to learn from you.

  4. Ask an older friend to teach you something new that he or she is good at.

  5. Think of something nice to do for a friend. You could draw a picture, write a note, make a craft, or just say something nice to your friend.

  6. Offer to help a friend with homework, chores, or other responsibilities.

  7. Speak nicely about your friends. Encourage them to speak kindly about others too.

  8. Remember what you learn about your new friends. Call them by their names and follow up on something they told you. You could ask, “How did your test go?” “Are you feeling better?” or “How was your soccer game?”