Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Sept. 2010, 38–39

    Our Creative Friends

    When My Heart Touches the Moon

    It always happens at night;

    When the moon shines bright

    My heart touches the moon

    Like a gentle tune.

    It always touches my heart.

    It’s like in my heart I have a cart

    That holds gallons of love—

    That’s soft as a snow-white dove.

    When my heart touches the moon

    I always hear a gentle tune

    That is as soft as a snow-white dove

    From above.

    When it strikes dawn

    It’s always gone,

    And a new morning begins.

    The stars all fall.

    Everything is bright.

    The sun, like the moon so bright,

    Which is now whispering good night,

    Very brightly fades away.

    And then begins a new bright day.

    Hanna E., age 7, California


    Hope is what you want to have

    But sometimes is not here.

    Hope you have to wait for

    And have a little faith too.

    I hope for sun when snow is here.

    I hope for weekends when I’m in school.

    I hope for a rainbow after a storm.

    I hope I get to go on a mission.

    I hope to see Jesus when He comes again.

    Daniel M., age 9, Utah


    Service is helping,

    It’s doing things right.

    When someone’s in need,

    We’ll give them a bite—

    A bite of the gospel,

    A bite of some bread.

    Either way,

    I’ll be blessed when I’m dead.

    Marion M., age 10, Alaska


    Family is father and mother,

    Sister and brother,

    Plus more.

    Family is loving each other,

    Sharing a bathroom,

    And bearing the bore.

    Family is happy reunions,

    Swimming in lakes,

    And eating apples down to the core.

    Family goes on forever,

    For ever and ever,

    Even when tragedy takes the floor.

    Families who’ve been broken apart

    And miss each other

    Will all be reunited at heaven’s door.

    Kalli C., age 10, Wyoming

    Grace S., age 7, Texas

    Lauren S., age 7, Virginia

    Liesel M., age 9, Massachusetts

    Samantha T., age 8, Minnesota

    Tanner C., age 6, Illinois

    Jessa W., age 8, Nevada

    Jaren B., age 9, Indiana

    Jordan H., age 12, Washington

    Sarah A., age 11, Germany

    Spencer G., age 7, Utah

    Makenzie T., age 7, Washington

    Alex W., age 11, South Dakota

    Calvin S., age 6, Utah

    Elizabeth K., age 9, Missouri