How Are Your E-Manners?
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“How Are Your E-Manners?” Friend, June 2010, 16–17

How Are Your E-Manners?

Cell phones, e-mails, text messages—there are so many great ways to talk to your friends and your family. Do you know when it’s appropriate to use them?

  1. You just received a birthday gift from your grandma. Your mom reminds you to send her a thank-you note, but you want to send her an e-mail instead. What do you do?

    1. Send Grandma an e-mail.

    2. Send her a handwritten note.

  2. Mary e-mails you to invite you to her birthday party. You want to send the e-mail message to your best friend, Sarah. What should you do?

    1. Send the e-mail to Sarah so she knows about the party too.

    2. Keep the e-mail to yourself.

  3. It is time for family home evening. You want to keep playing your computer game until the lesson starts. What do you do?

    1. Finish your game while your family sings the opening song.

    2. Turn off the computer, and sing with your family.

  4. Your parents gave you a new cell phone for emergencies. You want to call your friend so the other kids at school can see your phone. What do you do?

    1. Make some quick calls, just to show off your new phone.

    2. Keep your phone in your backpack.

  5. Your friend Cristina wants to play football with you, but you are instant messaging your friend Jacob. What do you do?

    1. Tell Cristina you’ll play with her tomorrow so you can keep writing to Jacob.

    2. Tell Jacob you will write to him later so you can play football with Cristina.

Did you answer a to any of the questions? If so, check out these ideas for improving your e-manners.

  1. E-mail is a fast way to communicate, but taking the time to send a thank-you note will show your grandma how much you love her and appreciate her gift. You could also call her to tell her thank you.

  2. Sending one friend’s e-mail to another friend is like telling a secret. If your friend sends you a message that is meant just for you, keep that message to yourself. Then Sarah’s feelings won’t be hurt if she wasn’t invited to the party too.

  3. Computer games are fun, but family home evening is important. Join in the opening song, and save the computer game for later.

  4. If your parents bought you a cell phone for emergencies, you shouldn’t use it to call friends. Also, other kids might feel bad if you show it off.

  5. It’s great to talk to friends who aren’t with you, but it’s better to spend time with friends in person. Try limiting your computer time so you can spend time with friends face-to-face.

Photo illustration by John Luke

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