Mini Tie Keychain
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“Mini Tie Keychain,” Friend, June 2010, 12–13

Mini Tie Keychain

Make this fun keychain for your dad! You’ll need:

1 old necktie that can no longer be worn

1 ring keychain



  1. Take the narrow tail end of the tie and pull it through the ring about five inches. Make sure the seam of the tie is facing down.

    keychain illustration 1
  2. Fold the tail sideways so it is pointing to the right. Now you will be able to see the seam.

    keychain illustration 2
  3. Wrap the tail over the top of the tie where it folds through the ring.

    keychain illustration 3
  4. Continue wrapping the tail around the ring until the seam shows. This should look like a knot on a tie.

    keychain illustration 4
  5. Pull the tail through the ring and down through the “knot.”

    keychain illustration 5
  6. Cut off the mini tie keychain from the original tie. Use a dab of glue to attach the mini tie to the cut-off tail. Add a small amount of glue to the cut edge of the fabric so it won’t fray.

    keychain illustration 6