Friends in the News
June 2010

“Friends in the News,” Friend, June 2010, 47

Friends in the News

Hidden Valley Ward

The Primary children of the Hidden Valley Ward, Kaysville Utah South Stake, had a great time building a float for the annual Kaysville parade. They combined their Primary theme, “My Eternal Family,” and the parade theme, “Proud to be an American,” to create their float—“Proud to Be an American Family.” The float won the award for the best theme-oriented float.

Arbor View Ward

The Primary children in the Arbor View Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Elkhorn Springs Stake, had a Primary activity honoring the members of the First Presidency. They learned trivia, played games, and had treats that related to each member of the First Presidency.

Aubrie and McKenna F., 10 and 8, Utah, are loving sisters. Aubrie loves being with her family and friends and her cat, Boo. She likes to sing and performs in a choir. She enjoys going to Primary and wants to serve a mission. McKenna likes to help her mom take care of their garden, can fruits and vegetables, and bake. She is compassionate and helps others.

Malachi B., 4, Ontario, Canada, likes Primary. He wants to be a missionary one day. He likes to offer mealtime and bedtime prayers. He is proud to wear his CTR ring every day and enjoys the Friend.

Jackson P., 6, California, likes to sing, play baseball and basketball, draw, and wrestle with his two older brothers. He has a younger sister too. Jackson’s prayers inspire his family.

Esther F., 6, Florida, likes playing at the beach and swimming in the pool. Last month she learned about being a member missionary. She decided to give a Book of Mormon to her kindergarten teacher. After giving her teacher the Book of Mormon, she had a warm feeling in her heart.

Nathan S., 11, Nevada, is the ward organist. His ward was in need of an organist, and when the bishop asked him, he accepted the calling. He practices diligently. He knows that sacrament meetings need to be a reverent place where everyone may feel the Spirit. Nathan looks forward to serving a mission one day.

Andrew T., 6, Idaho, has four brothers. He enjoys going on family bike rides, playing basketball in the driveway, and planning activities for family home evening. Andrew is a peacemaker.

Brooklyn D., 9, Virginia, likes to sing and dance. She recently performed in a play at her school and also joined the ward choir. She likes seeing all her friends at church and really enjoys her Primary class.