Primary Pianists
April 2010

“Primary Pianists,” Friend, Apr. 2010, 22–23

Primary Pianists

“No way!”

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

“That’s never going to happen!”

That’s what Andrea, Erick, Kristofer, Suzett, and Yuridia of Provo, Utah, might have said if you had told them they would play the piano for their next Primary sacrament meeting presentation. After all, only one of them had ever played the piano before!

But their Primary pianist, Sister Perry, gave them the challenge—and they were willing to accept it.

Once a week, each child had a piano lesson with Sister Perry, except for one child who already had a teacher. At home they practiced on electric keyboards. Soon they were learning simplified versions of the songs for the sacrament meeting presentation. They also practiced in Primary as other children sang along.

Finally, the big day came. Each child played one or two songs. Were they nervous to play in front of the whole ward? Definitely! But that didn’t stop them.

“I felt really nervous,” Kristofer said, “but I kept having faith.”

Thanks to their faith and hard work, everyone did well that day. And the best thing about it?

“It feels good to be able to help in church,” Andrea said. “It’s a great blessing for me.”

Now the children can play during family home evening, at baptisms, and when their families sing in sacrament meeting. Awesome!

Photographs by Christina Smith