Feed My Sheep

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“Feed My Sheep,” Friend, Apr. 2010, 32–33

“Feed My Sheep”

Follow me, and feed my sheep (D&C 112:14).

1. “Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep. That’s how Peter could show Jesus he loved Him.”

“Mom, did Jesus have a herd of sheep?”

“No, sweetie. Jesus is sometimes called the Good Shepherd, and we are like His sheep. Jesus was teaching Peter that if we want to show Jesus we love Him, we should help others.”

2. “Is that why we are going to deliver the pie to Sister Jacobs after family home evening?”

“Yes, it is. But it would be nice for you to think of something you can do to show Sister Jacobs you love her.”

3. Olivia thought about what she could do. She remembered that Mom and Grandma really like the pictures she draws.

“I know! I can make a card for Sister Jacobs and draw a picture on it!”

4. Olivia drew a beautiful rainbow. On the inside of the card she wrote, “Get well soon! Love, Olivia.”

5. When Olivia and her family got to Sister Jacobs’s house, Mom asked Sister Jacobs how she was feeling. Sister Jacobs started to cry.

“I just found out I have to go to the hospital to have an operation tomorrow. I’m a little scared.”

6. Mom handed Sister Jacobs the pie. Then Olivia gave her the card she had made.

“Thank you, Olivia. This beautiful card and your sweet smile make me feel better.”

7. Olivia felt like somebody was hugging her heart. She was happy that she could help Jesus feed His sheep.

Illustrations by Elise Black