Our Creative Friends

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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Apr. 2010, 38

Our Creative Friends

A Beautiful Place

The Creation made such a beautiful place.

The Creation gave birth to the human race.

All the beautiful, tall trees

Wave in the cool breeze.

Everyone loves this place,

So I’m sure it won’t go to waste.

As everyone grows old

So does the earth—that’s what I’m told.

As lives go away every day,

A new life is on the way.

The beautiful, rich, and fertile soil,

With hard work we shall toil.

This is such a beautiful earth,

So let’s not put it to dirt.

Heather N., age 11, South Africa

The Way Home

God is my Heavenly Father,

Jesus is my Brother.

We can go back to Them

If we love one another.

Thomas C., age 6, Texas

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was the One

Who was chosen to be God’s Son.

Jesus died for us on the cross,

Those three days He was gone and we suffered a loss.

But He rose from the dead;

He is a member of the great Godhead.

As the people realized He got back His life,

The people who loved Him had no more strife.

Mackenzie B., age 11, Michigan

Gideon P., age 9, India

Matthew A., age 10, Idaho

Joshua B., age 8, England

Peter C., age 11, Utah

Savannah R., age 8, Texas

Emma C., age 7, California

Jessica B., age 9, Ohio