Friends in the News
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“Friends in the News,” Friend, Jan. 2010, 47

Friends in the News

Aspen E., 5, Utah, likes the story of Nephi sailing to the promised land. She is a big helper to her little brother. She likes worms, pirates, gardening, swinging, and drawing in her journal. Aspen is excited to go on a pioneer trek with her family.

Seth G., 5, Washington, has two brothers and four sisters who love him very much. He likes playing football with his brothers, reading the scriptures with his family, and watching general conference. He tries to read the Apostles’ names on the bottom of the TV screen.

Liberty J., 5, Utah, likes being busy. She likes to play outside, ride her bike, go to tumbling, and be with friends. She enjoys Primary activities and can’t wait until her younger sister, Noelle, is old enough to go too.

Lake Villa Second Ward

For an activity, the Primary children from the Lake Villa Second Ward, Buffalo Grove Illinois Stake, visited the Chicago Illinois Temple with their families. They took a tour of the temple grounds, and the Primary was given a picture of the temple. Each family had a photograph taken in front of the temple and was given their picture in a frame with the words “Families Are Forever.”

Hyrum T., 3, Utah, loves the temple and enjoys visiting Temple Square in Salt Lake City. His favorite video is The Mountain of the Lord, and he and his dad built a model of the Salt Lake Temple out of a large cardboard box. Hyrum likes to play with his younger sisters, and he tries to be a good example. He likes to ride his bike, and his favorite Book of Mormon story is of Nephi getting the plates from Laban.

Boone and Cory G., 5 and 3, Idaho, like to play with each other and their cousins. Boone likes scripture stories, especially the story of Captain Moroni. He remembers how the Holy Ghost comforted him when President Hinckley passed away. Cory enjoys singing Primary songs. He is good at sharing and is a kind friend. Both brothers like to help their baby sister.

Kimberly, Julie, and Matthew M., 5, 6, and 3, Florida, like to share the gospel with others and are looking forward to serving missions when they are older. They like to join in the missionary discussions by singing and praying. Their favorite Primary song is “I Love to See the Temple.” They start the day by reading the scriptures. Julie and Kimberly read Book of Mormon stories, and Matthew acts out parts of the stories.

Cranbrook First and Second Wards

The Primary children in the Cranbrook First Ward and Cranbrook Second Ward, Cranbrook British Columbia Stake, brought books and helped assemble educational bags that were sent to children in Uganda.