Our Creative Friends

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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Jan. 2010, 38–39

Our Creative Friends


Father in Heaven loves me.

Always believe in Christ.

Imagine God’s blessings.

Trust the Holy Ghost.

Hope for the Second Coming.

Hayden K., age 10, Idaho

Heavenly Father’s Plan

I believe in Heavenly Father’s plan.

I know He created earth and man.

He wanted families that love and care,

So He sent us brothers and sisters to share.

He also wanted us to return to heaven,

So Jesus Christ, His Son, was given.

Choosing the right will help us in life,

So I will follow Jesus Christ.

Ben F., age 11, Texas


Scriptures, they are so delightful!

They make my heart happy and full.

You can feel the Spirit;

It’s so strong you can almost hear it.

When you’re done you say a prayer;

Then you’re sure the Spirit is there.

Devri A., age 10, Utah


1. Eden J., age 7, Colorado

2. Dax H., age 10, Idaho

3. Rachel C., age 7, Utah

4. Lori C., age 7, Hawaii

5. Hank J., age 6, California

6. Erin M., age 10, Tennessee

7. Mikey S., age 7, Oregon

8. Brenley C., age 11, Colorado

9. Elena S., age 8, Utah

10. Monica C., age 9, South Africa

11. Kelsi K., age 10, Idaho

12. Sarah M., age 8, North Carolina

13. Michael M., age 7, Utah

14. Jacob L., age 7, Mississippi