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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Jan. 2010, 12–13

Bulletin Board

Language Celebration

Here are a few ways to say “Happy New Year” around the world. Can you guess what languages they are? (Answers at bottom of page.)

  1. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar

  2. Feliz Ano Novo

  3. Manigong Bagong Taon

  4. Kenourios Chronos

  5. L’Shannah Tovah


Hat Goal

Our family made a goal to knit 50 baby hats and donate them to a hospital. We finished the hats right before Christmas and delivered them. We felt happy we were doing service!

Emily and Hannah B., ages 8 and 9, Missouri

Journal Junction

Take some time this month to read the teachings of Jesus Christ in John 15:9–12. Then write in your journal one thing you love about each of your family members.

Setting Goals

Many people make goals, or resolutions, at the beginning of the year. Maybe you want to play that violin piece perfectly, or enter an art contest, or improve your soccer skills. Whatever your goal is, try following these tips to help you accomplish it.

  • A new goal might seem overwhelming. Work on it a little at a time instead of all at once.

  • Make a calendar or a chart to check off the time you work on your goal.

  • Tell your family and friends about your goal. They can help support you as you work on it.

  • Heavenly Father wants you to develop your talents and learn as much as you can. Ask for help with your goal in your daily prayers.

Illustrations by Mark Thompson