Guide to the Friend
April 2009

“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Apr. 2009, inside back cover

Guide to the Friend

Family Home Evening Ideas

  1. Read “The Promises of a Prophet” (pp. 8–9). Set a goal with your family to read the scriptures together every day. Talk about when and where your family scripture reading will be done. If your family already reads the scriptures together every day, talk about how you can make your scripture study more meaningful. Read “How can I learn more when I read the scriptures?” (p. 17) for ideas.

  2. Ask family members to look up and read the scriptures listed in “An Easter Testimony” (p. 28). After each scripture has been read, put the scriptures in order on the blanks on the page to read an important part of Joseph Smith’s testimony of Jesus Christ. Share your own testimony about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and tell about how it makes you feel to know that we will all be resurrected.

  3. Choose two family members to react to different imaginary situations. Ask one family member to have a good attitude and the other to have a bad attitude. (Some of the situations could include stubbing a toe, losing a game, being late for school, or getting a bad grade.) Read “Grumbling Peter” (pp. 36–38). Then talk about what helped change Peter’s attitude. Testify that remembering that Jesus loves us can help us to have good attitudes even when things go wrong.

  4. Show family members the picture in “The First Vision” (p. 39). Look up the scriptures and answer the questions listed. After all of the questions have been answered, ask family members to think of other questions that could be asked about the picture. Tell the story of the First Vision and share your testimony about what Joseph saw.