Chicks and Hens
April 2009

“Chicks and Hens,” Friend, Apr. 2009, 30–31

Chicks and Hens

I will gather them as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings (D&C 10:65).

  1. Every spring, the mother hen on the farm by Aaron’s house hatches new baby chicks. Aaron enjoys watching the mother hen take care of her chicks.

  2. There are a lot of animals like snakes, foxes, and hawks near the farm that are dangerous to the baby chicks.

  3. The mother hen watches for danger. When she sees an animal that could hurt her chicks, she clucks to warn her babies.

  4. Some of the baby chicks quickly run under the wings of their mother for safety.

  5. The mother hen keeps her chicks under her wings until the danger has passed.

  6. Other chicks do not go to their mother quickly. Not listening to their mother’s calls for them is dangerous because the chicks cannot protect themselves from the animals.

  7. In Primary, Aaron learned that Jesus said He is like a mother hen and we are like baby chicks. When we follow Jesus’s commandments, He will protect us like the mother hen protects her babies.

  8. Watching the mother hen and chicks makes Aaron happy because it reminds him of how much Jesus loves us.

Illustrations by Elise Black