Friends in the News
April 2009

“Friends in the News,” Friend, Apr. 2009, 34–35

Friends in the News

Kemala A., 8, Trinidad, likes to draw and write stories, make up songs, and recite poems from memory. She likes math and spelling, and likes to pray and have family home evening. Her favorite foods are roti (a flat bread eaten with curry) and pelau (chicken, rice, and pigeon peas cooked in coconut milk).

Ambrose G., 10, Texas, likes basketball and football. He likes playing video games and enjoys going to Scouts and Primary. Ambrose would like to meet President Monson, and he would like to be a math professor someday.

Kyle T., 5, Virginia, is energetic and enthusiastic. He likes playing soccer and basketball. Kyle also likes learning to read.

Mariah T., 5, Utah, loves Heavenly Father and Jesus. She also likes cats and reindeer. Mariah likes to think about spiritual things and to talk with her home teachers.

Adia, Sedona, and Brynn H., 8, 5, and 4, Maryland, like to play together and make each other laugh. Adia plays the harp and is a good big sister. Sedona likes to share the gospel and climb things. Brynn is good at cheering people up. They all enjoy helping take care of their baby sister, Ash.

Brainerd Ward

Primary children in the Brainerd Ward, Chattanooga Tennessee Stake, made a poster to show that they sustain the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.

Olivia Shelley L., 3, Colorado, likes to tell funny jokes to her family, even when she calls family members who live far away. She tries to do what Jesus asks and is a good example to her family and friends. She calls her baby brother “My Favorite Boy.”

Elliot Ward

The Primary children of the Elliot Ward, Gilbert Arizona Highland Stake, attended an activity called “I Am a Child of God.” They focused on things Heavenly Father has given them, such as a body, a family, a living prophet, baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Quinn K., 6, Idaho, built a model of the Salt Lake Temple out of blocks.

Four Corners Ward

Primary girls in the Four Corners Ward, Salem Oregon Stake, invited their mothers to a special activity night. After eating the tasty dessert the girls made, everyone sewed heart-shaped pillows with supplies donated by the American Heart Association. The pillows were given to heart patients at a nearby hospital.