Our Creative Friends

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Jan. 2009, 44–45

Our Creative Friends


1 Ethan G., age 4, Arizona

2 Emerald Skye F., age 6, Hawaii

3 Jordyn C., age 11, Idaho

4 Jared L., age 10, Utah

5 Alexander G., age 6, England

6 Danielle H., age 7, Florida

7 Madison K., age 9, British Columbia, Canada

8 Ian W., age 8, Kansas

9 Alisyn D., age 4, Washington

10 Nathan S., age 10, Virginia

11 Gabriella H., age 5, California

12 Josh B., age 9, Colorado

13 Isaac T., age 7, Utah

14 Sophie W., age 6, Louisiana

15 Jacob W., age 8, Minnesota

This I Know

I’m a daughter of Heavenly Father,

A truth that means so much to me.

By faith I’m living; my heart I’m giving.

In Him I know my destiny.

If we only follow His commandments,

If we listen and obey,

He will simply never ever leave us—

This I promise you today!

Life knows gladness, some tears and sadness,

And I may stumble, I may fall.

But His hand guides me as He walks beside me,

For I know He loves us all.

This I know: He loves us all!

Estella C., age 7, Ontario, Canada

Happiness Is

H aving commandments

A loving Heavenly Father

P eaceful feelings

P eople’s smiles

I love you said

N ot being mean

E ternal families

S weet loving friends

S weet loving families

Brittany H., age 9, Idaho

The World Heavenly Father Created for Me

Heavenly Father created this world for you and me.

He made it so we can live together in unity.

The birds, the trees, and the sea,

All created for you and me.

We are all happy as we can be,

Together with a family.

Together, loving, kind, and true,

We want to be friends with you!

Andrew M., age 10, Washington


When we come to Primary

We wear our Sunday best.

We sit with friends and teachers.

When we listen we are blessed.

We learn the scripture stories;

We learn of Jesus too—

Of how He blessed the children.

We know the gospel is true.

Hurricane Utah Third Ward Junior Primary