A Royal Crown

“A Royal Crown,” Friend, Jan. 2009, 36

A Royal Crown

Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to be happy. Always remember that everyone is a child of God—no matter what! Have your mother or father help you make this crown to remind you that you are a prince or a princess, a son or a daughter of Heavenly Father.


Illustrations by Elise Black

You will need: a pencil, white and colored paper, scissors, white or gold poster board, colored markers, glue, and a stapler or paper clips.

  1. Make a pattern by tracing the crown on this page onto the white paper. Cut it out.

  2. Trace the pattern three times, end to end, onto the poster board.

  3. Color your crown and decorate it with different colors of paper for jewels. Have someone write I AM A CHILD OF GOD on it.

  4. Cut out the crown and overlap the ends to form a circle.

  5. Place the crown on your head and adjust it to the right size. Glue, staple, or paperclip the ends together.