Guide to the Friend

“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, Jan. 2009, inside back cover

Guide to the Friend

Family Home Evening Ideas

  1. Invite family members to describe people they love and respect. These people could include friends, neighbors, parents, siblings, or Church leaders. Write the words on a piece of paper. On another piece of paper, ask family members to describe some of the Savior’s characteristics. Point out similar words on the two lists. Explain that one of the reasons why the people they described are loved and respected is because they have some of the same characteristics as the Savior. Then read and discuss “Becoming Like Jesus Christ” (pp. 2–3).

  2. As part of family home evening, have a family talent show. Give everyone enough time to prepare something for the show. Afterward, read “The Talent Show” (pp. 4–5). Talk about how everyone has different talents, and that each one is a blessing from Heavenly Father.

  3. Look at the Joseph Smith timeline together (pp. 24–25). Then ask family members to answer some questions about the timeline. For example: “Was Joseph Smith baptized before or after the Book of Mormon was published?” Use the timeline to answer the questions. Bear your testimony about the Restoration of the gospel.

  4. Read “A Child of God—No Matter What!” (pp. 34–35). Then turn to page 36 and follow the instructions to make a crown for each family member. Talk about what it means to be a child of God.