Our Creative Friends

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, June 2008, 42–43

Our Creative Friends

Summer Fun

Summer is time to have lots of fun.

We eat a ton of hot dogs on a bun.

We go to the pool

To get nice and cool.

We like to go on hikes

And ride our bikes.

It’s fun to go on trips

And have lemonade to sip.

The monsoons

Don’t start till after June.

We daydream

While eating ice cream.

We go to the mall

And love when our friends call.

We read lots of books

From the library we took.

We love to eat watermelon.

How hot it gets,

There’s no tellin’!

Chandler, Gillian, and Nelson L., ages 12, 9, and 4, Arizona, with help from their parents


Like a flower in the sunshine,

I warm your heart with a song.

Like a sister unto others,

I will be your little one!

With a warm heart you are the one and only sister I know.

I surely love you, and I know you love me too.

Like flowers in the sunshine

We are warmed with gentle love,

And by our mother and father

We are cared for with love.

J’nae B., age 10, Oregon


Be happy! Be happy! For the Church.

Be happy! Be happy! For a prophet.

Be happy! Be happy! For the Friend.

Be happy! Be happy! For life.

Jacob M., age 9, Utah

The Church of Jesus Christ

I learn from prophets and scriptures.

Like a map they guide my way to Heavenly Father.

I’m learning about the gospel by

Listening to the bishop in the chapel,

Listening to my father in family home evening,

And from choosing the right every day,

Helping others when in need,

Praying every day and night,

Keeping watch for a good deed.

I learn from Joseph Smith praying

About the churches,

Asking which one is true.

Jesus Christ says none are for you.

I want to be like the Savior,

And I can.

He died for all of them and us

So when I die I can go to the celestial kingdom.

Like my father I want to go on a mission.

I’ll help teach others about the gospel

So they will go to Heavenly Father too.

Jacob N., age 9, Kentucky


1 Benjamin M., age 5, Nova Scotia, Canada

2 Seviah D., age 4, Colorado

3 Hannah E., age 8, Washington

4 Emily F., age 5, New Hampshire

5 Brianna J., age 8, Iowa

6 Andrew L., age 9, Idaho

7 Kevin H., age 7, Wisconsin

8 Ephraim O., age 5, Utah

9 Spencer C., age 8, Arizona

10 Joseph M., age 9, Florida

11 Paige S., age 4, Maryland

12 Madison J., age 9, Oregon

13 Megan R., age 6, Texas

14 Derek C., age 8, Nebraska

15 Halle N., age 8, Utah