Gifts for Father

“Gifts for Father,” Friend, June 2008, 26


Gifts for Father

Each of the four Collins children, including Amanda, decided to make gifts for their dad. One of them made a giant chocolate-chip cookie. From the clues below, can you discover who gave each gift?

  1. Elizabeth doesn’t bake cookies.

  2. Stephen did not make the picture frame, but his brother did.

  3. One brother made the scripture bookmark and one of his sisters made the card with heart stickers on it.

  4. Alex and Stephen want to be just like their dad.

  1. ____________ made the giant chocolate-chip cookie.

  2. ____________ made the picture frame.

  3. ____________ made the scripture bookmark.

  4. ____________ made the card with the heart stickers on it.


Illustrations by Brad Teare