Friends in the News

“Friends in the News,” Friend, May 2008, 46–47

Friends in the News

Sarah S., 4, Minnesota, likes the Friend. She enjoys Primary singing time, making new friends, dancing, swimming, and tae kwon do. She helps her mom, papa, and little sister, Amy.

Riley W., 3, Nebraska, likes playing outside, helping his mom in the kitchen, and laughing with his family. He is kind to his younger brother, Ethan. Riley has one sister and four brothers.

Marissa and Brandon R., 10 and 4, Oklahoma, love each other. Marissa has a cat named Amelia and a dog named Riley. She enjoys reading and going to activity days. Brandon likes to play games, spend time with his friend Josh, and be a good helper.

Madeline W., 10, Maryland, loves to obey the commandments. She is a hard worker and a great helper to her family. She enjoys reading, drawing, skating, playing the piano, and going to activity days.

Tobias O., 6, Arizona, has memorized the Articles of Faith and is learning the Ten Commandments. His favorite Primary songs are “Follow the Prophet” and “Scripture Power.” He looks forward to taking piano and karate lessons.

Copperview Fourth Ward

The Primary children in the Copperview Fourth Ward, Riverton Utah Copperview Stake, were given copies of the Friend and challenged to read it by themselves or with their families. Some children even read it at school during free time. When they finished, they were excited to start reading the next month’s issue.

Kimberly Second Ward

The Primary children of the Kimberly Second Ward, Kimberly Idaho Stake, made a replica of the soon-to-be-built Twin Falls Idaho Temple out of 1,500 sugar cubes. Each cube represents one temple ordinance performed by a ward member.

Forrest, Kira, Emma, and Olivia H., 11, 9, 6, and 3, California, love each other. They work together to keep the house clean. They like to play games on Sundays that help them learn the scriptures, the names of prophets, and the Articles of Faith. They are good examples to friends and neighbors.

Kaitlin W., 8, West Virginia, was excited to turn eight and be baptized. She wants to live righteously and return to Heavenly Father. She likes writing letters to her uncle on his mission.

Stephen A., 11, Oregon, likes to read comics and draw some of his own. He enjoys soccer, basketball, and backpacking with the Scouts. He reads the Friend before bed on Sunday nights. He has a pet fish and snail named David and Goliath.

Brandon B., 6, California, likes sports, especially baseball and soccer. He likes to play games with his brother and sister. He enjoys singing in Primary, especially “Love Is Spoken Here.” His grin makes people smile.

Sam, Seth, and Joe C., 10, 7, and 5, Utah, had their heads shaved to show support for a friend who has brain cancer. These brothers adore their little sister, Jenna.

Akron First Ward

The Primary children of the Akron First Ward, Akron Ohio Stake, spent a beautiful fall day in Kirtland. They felt the Spirit as they visited sacred sites, such as the Kirtland Temple. They sang Primary songs with the missionaries and later enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Denver Second Ward

Waving and smiling, children from the Denver Second Ward, Golden Colorado Stake, participated in a community parade. They and their families dressed in traditional clothing of their ancestors and carried colorful flags. They marched behind a banner that read, “Holding Hands around the World.” One woman watching the parade said that she was grateful for the Church and its members because she had received help in doing family history work.

Chance and Brice Carter P., 9 and 7, Washington, both like the Primary song “Holding Hands around the World.” Chance likes soccer, spending time with his Scout troop, and helping his dad build things. Brice enjoys swimming, baseball, and helping his parents around the house.

Joshua J., 5, Texas, likes to play trains with his little sister, Tiffany. He likes to swim, go fishing, and sing “Scripture Power.”